Testimonials from Joanie's Reiki Students

"It was very personal, but professonal. I felt at ease immediatly and really enjoyed the act of giving Reili to Joanie. She was so encouraging and helpful in expressing how I was doing. I would like to tell others that it is comprehensive, the subject is explored in depth, and it is a nice blend of hands on, conversation and resource materials.."

Jane Padrutt, Hedgesville WV
Reiki I & II, December, 2018

"This class was wonderful and I feel like I have learned a lot in this short time. Joanie is a great Reiki Master. She is kind and understanding with all questions."

Sabrina Bourque - Fitz William, NH
Reiki I & II, January, 2014

"Relaxing, informative; a total life skill."

Mickelle, RN - S. Berwick, ME
Reiki II, January, 2014

"The class was excellent. Would highly recommand nurses of different specialties to take a Reiki I class."

Kate McQueen, RN - Rye, NH
Reiki I, January, 2014

"The ART class was truly inspirational. What an amazing teacher Joanie is! All the info was such an eye opener. I look forward to furthering my Reiki journey."

Terry - Newmarket, NH
ART, October, 2013

"With almost 14 years of experience Joanie Blinn is a gifted and a very knowledgable teacher. This cource will serve others well in their (and my own) journey. Bravo!"

Sara Castellez - Eliot ME
Reiki II, May, 2013

"Lovely setting, calm presentation. Joanie believes in the power of Reiki and her class demonstrated an air of compassion and excellance."

Karen Towne RN - Barrington, NH
Reiki I, May, 2013

"Joanie is a wonderful and intuative instructor. It was a joy to study with her."

Kathy Dolan - Rochester, NH
Reiki II, April, 2013

"Joanie lives Reiki."

Pam - Strafford, NH
Reiki II, April, 2013

"This class should be required for oncology health care and anywhere else that a "healing touch" is needed."

Elizabeth, Hampton - NH
Reiki II, April, 2013

"Joanie is the perfect instructor for Reiki, her calm manner and thoughtful instruction is exactly what is needed for learning."

Sara Castellez - Eliot, ME
Reiki I, April, 2013

"Joanie is a wonderful teacher. You won't be disappointed. The class is exceptional in every way. I would highly recommend Joanie and the class to anyone who wants to learn the gift of Reiki."

Cheryl Doucette, APRN CHT - East Kingston, NH
Reiki I, April, 2013

"Joanie is an excellant and totally understanding teacher and person. Truely enjoyable to have had this experience."

Terry - Newmarket, NH
Reiki II, February, 2013

"Amazing, insightful and informative class."

Kathie Lamparelli - Epping, NH
ART & Reiki Master, November, 2012

"This class was a gift of love to myself, my family and humankind."

Rebecca - Dover, NH
ART & Reiki Master, November, 2012

"Changed my way of thinking."

Milly - Georgetown, MA
Reiki I, October, 2012

"Every health care professional should be required to take this class with this Reiki Master."

Elizabeth - Hampton, NH
Reiki I, October, 2012

"This class was both informative and inspirational. I would come back and do it again."

Kendra Tilton - Strafford, NH
Reiki I, October, 2012

"As a person with fibromyalgia this has been of enormous help to me. Totally informative and such a special gift."

Terry - Newmarket, NH
Reiki I, October, 2012

"Joanie's class is wonderful. I really enjoyed the mixture of history and spiritual teaching. Every part of the day was throughly enjoyable and I felt confident to practice Reiki by the end of the day."

Jennifer - Somersworth, NH
Reiki I, October, 2012

"Being gifted Reiki through my hands, giving and receiving. I thought it was amazing."

Sierre - PA
Reiki I, November, 2017

"Reiki has changed my life! Learning Reiki from a Reiki Master Teacher, such as Joanie, has been an honor and a privilege. Joanie teaches with a great passion, compassion, clarity, respect and love. Joanie walks her talk, giving life and breath to all that Reiki is! Joanie your are awesome! I loved being your student. It has been a positive and wonderful experience. Thank you Joanie, I am home."

Linda James - Barrington, NH
ART & Reiki Master, June, 2012

"Joanie teaches with respect, dignity and throughness. Her own journy of meditation, study and practice are present 100%. I am most thankful that I participated in this class."

Jane Oliver - Barrington, NH
ART & Reiki Master, June, 2012

"Joanie brings warmth and positive energy to her training. I felt so comfortable and the practice helped with my own healing. I would highly recommend taking both Reiki I & II for the complete picture with symbols necessary if considering it as a business. It was an incredible experience. Thank you."

Shari Souliere - Barrington, NH
Reiki I & Reiki II, April, 2012

"Joanie is a compassionate and wonderfull teacher. I would recommend her highly."

Kathy - Rochester, NH
Reiki I, April, 2012

"I had unknowingly started to loose the way when I went into this class. I was reminded ounce again of the need to send love and compassion out into the world and have gratitude for everthing the world has to offer."

Kristine Cressey - Dover, NH
Reiki I & Reiki II, April, 2012

"Doing the Reiki was amazing to feel the energy in the process. The class is thorough. Presented with obvious passion for Reiki and very thorough. I am leaving feeling confident and excited. I believe that means a good teacher."

Christina Appleby - Berwick, ME
Reiki II, October, 2011

"Amazing opportunity you will never forget. Feeling that I was intune with my own body."

Chelsea Miles, Nursing Assistant - Newmarket, NH
Reiki I, October, 2011

"Very thorough, very good. Joanie is an excellent teacher and guide."

Linda James - NH
Reiki II, August, 2011

"Joanie is an excellent teacher. She makes learning about Reiki a positive experience."

Jaime Bagley - Riverdale Park, MD
Reiki I & II, August, 2011

"This healing modality is available to anyone with an open heart and compassion for healing."

Roberta H. Burnam - RN, St. Albans, WV
Reiki I & II, August, 2011

"I would recommend this class to anyone especially anyone in healthcare, all and more then I expected. Take the class for yourself and others."

Deb - NH
Reiki I & II, June, 2011

"The Reiki Master makes you feel very comfortable and at ease."

Wendy - NH
Reiki I & II, June, 2011

"Learning Reiki for those that are open minded can change your life forever."

Susan - Barrington, NH
ART/Reiki Master Class, May, 2011

"If you are at all inclined to take the class, do so. Don't overthink the reason(s) why or why not. Joanie is an amazing teacher. Her knowledge of Reiki and devotion to it as a way of life is unparalleled, and beyond description. This class has become the next step in my life path."

Laurie Peterson - Haverhill, MA
ART/Reiki Master Class, May, 2011

"Absolute love is included, it was one of the greatest most positive experiences of my life."

Anne Barney - Bradford, MA
ART/Reiki Master Class, May, 2011

"Before class I doubted my ability to perform Reiki and after my two days of class and practices I now know I can. Thank you for a great experience."

Brittany Windt - NH
Reiki I & II Class, Jan 2011

"The entire experience from feeling welcome to explaining the symbols and hands on practice, awesome. Never stop teaching."

Lauren Roberts - NH
Reiki II Class, Jan 2011